Health Club Channel – Awareness and Sales

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

For every bit of positive market research that is published I firmly believe that there are 2 other bits that are buried and never see the light of day.

Either way it is always good when (any) market research reaches the surface.

The GlaxoSmithKline Lucozade Hydro Active campaign (booked by Mediacom) aired on Boomerang’s Health Club Channel for 3 months during May, June and July – primarily promoting to Fitness First and LA Fitness members with two separate 30 second commercials featuring personal endorsements of the product by FitPro Trainer’s.

Dipsticks carrried out pre and post stage evaluation research which showed unprompted awareness of the Lucozade Hydro Active brand increased significantly after the campaign, from 26% (pre) to 46%(post).

When ‘prompted’ over half of all respondents were aware of the brand post campaign.

Sales of Lucozade Hydro Active through in-club vending machines also saw significant uplifts for the period.

Jill Lee from Boomerang Digital commented “The campaign was a great success. What better outcome than being able to meet all the campaign objectives, including educating the audience on the importance of hydration, driving unprompted brand re-call and increasing tangible sales? The gym chains, GSK and Mediacom are all very happy and we are already in discussions for 08 planning.”

The creative was put together by Grand Visual

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