This Week On DailyDOOH

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Exactly a week today we will be recovering no doubt from the Igloofest on the Quays in Montreal (our plan is to attend the Saturday evening as soon as we arrive off the plane) and boy does it look cold (Gail tells us that it is something like -13C in her fair city at the moment) but between now and then we have a full week in the office and of course lots of stories to bring you.

Early in the week we have some news from Super-Novae and a short interview with Craig Foster who rejoined PlayNetwork in Redmond, Washington, recently as director, systems integration solutions.

We will also bring you more up to speed with our work with the Independent newspaper and our digital placed based media supplement and we are likely to have some news on Dirk Huelsermann’s next sinecure.

Mind you this week can’t go quick enough until we board the plane to Montreal on Saturday for another lightning quick tour of the media and technology companies based there.

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