Lottery Signs & Wireless LED Jackpot Displays

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Well we know that Amscreen have been pitching for the French Lottery business, see ‘Amscreen Short Listed For French Lottery‘ but it looks like their creative and marketing efforts in general are quite far along.

A recent update to their web site says “Amscreen offer a variety of lottery signs that can be positioned within retail stores; where the latest jackpot levels can be displayed on. Wireless LED signs updated via an independent centrally managed system, or LED Jackpot signs in-store updated via the existing lottery network”

And interestingly as they are obviously looking at inegrating lottery campaigns into their exist screen units (as we suggested here a few weeks ago) they say “In addition, Amscreen enable lottery advertising to be placed on LCD lottery displays located at the point of purchase”

Russ Curry, our Paris correspondent adds “The French lottery is something like 15,000 sites at the moment. There are 20,000 planned by end 2011. Total sites for the operator Francaise des Jeux is 39,000”.

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