Dirk Hülsermann Joins NEC To Champion VUKUNET

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

NEC Display Solutions Europe’s newly established DOOH Solutions business unit now has a manager and it’s Dirk Hülsermann (also non-stipendiary OVAB President of course) who up until recently was one of Neo Media Group’s Senior Execs.

His new role we believe is to launch VUKUNET in Europe.

VUKUNET is NEC’s fledgling ad-serving platform launched last year and currently being headed up in the US by Graeme Spicer.

Dirk Hülsermann, with his ‘Manager DOOH Solutions at NEC Display Solutions Europe’ hat on told us “One of the biggest challenges of the DOOH industry is that national campaigns are still difficult to plan and buy due to the high fragmentation of the market. As a result DOOH is still not in the relevant set within the agency world,”

He added “With VUKUNET, NEC has developed a platform which simplifies the whole campaign process by automating the workflow. It enables agencies to plan and book large campaigns with a simple click and to get a fully automated proof-of-play reporting at the end of a campaign. This will help increasing trust and credibility on the agency level, while network owners will benefit from raising advertising sales.”

2 Responses to “Dirk Hülsermann Joins NEC To Champion VUKUNET”

  1. Tom Nix Says:

    Congratulations to Dirk, NEC has landed a great operator.

  2. Benjamin Mathieu Says:

    Congratulations to Dirk. I’m sure NEC will benefit from a great professional like Dirk and convinced Dirk will finally be able to perform in a company with strong financials and a clear strategy.

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