#dse2011 Let The Experts Speak

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

#dse2011 and / or the Brawn family (whoever was responsible) need to do a much better job at vetting speakers before conferences. Not doing so just means you lose all credibility.

Denys Lavigne (centre) with his clutch of awards

Denys Lavigne, President Arsenal Media and a man who’s company picked up three Golds and one Silver at the awards ceremony with regard content, obviously knows what he is talking about but had to share a stage Wednesday afternoon in the session ‘S17 – Video Walls: Multiple Displays, Multiple Configurations‘ with Michael Ferrer from NEC Display Solutions ‘Why the Time is Right for Video Walls’ who (a) tried to present 90 slides in the short time allotted and (b) pretty much used the session as a sales pitch.

Brian McClimans, Managing Director, Business Development, Peerless Industries Inc. in the same presentation tried to make mounts sound interesting but failed abysmally.

The upshot was that half the audience left before Denys took to the stage and imparted much knowledge.

The moderator was Jonathan Brawn, Principal, Brawn Consulting.

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