EnQii’s Custom Weather

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

EnQii (previously Digital View Media) have announced an interesting deal with CustomWeather in order to deliver flash-based weather services to their customers.

Even as an Englishman (and all we ever do is talk about the weather) you know my thoughts on weather as a piece of content – it ranks (i.e. not highly) next to my opinion on scrollers and (stock) tickers

Still, as a big fan of components, widgets and data controls I like EnQii’s approach to this – basically ‘do a deal with an expert provider’ and create a solution for your customer(s) as opposed to just giving them a piece of technology.

Far too many solution providers out there are not providing solutions at all (merely pushing / selling technology).

Brian Boakes, EnQii’s Director of Strategy said “we were very aware that many digital media solutions providers are using weather feeds that are less than reliable in terms of both delivery and the accuracy of the forecast that they deliver”

Weather data is I am told, available for over 26,000 US and 32,000 international cities.



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