Newad Choose Scala

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Scala, global provider of end-to-end software solutions for digital signage and advertising management, has announced a new installation for Ad Manager and Scala 5 with Newad, Canadian indoor advertising network.

Scala Ad Manager will manage more than 20,000 digital and classic Newad boards in more than 2,500 establishments across Canada. The network delivers an impressive 36.5 million impressions per week to its ‘Young and Affluent’ target audience.

Newad’s continuous growth plans include an additional 3,500 digital boards to be installed in six major cities across Canada over the next three years — an investment worth more than $8 million. (See our Feb. 15/11 article. Ed.)

“A total 550 new boards have been installed to date,” says Yann Fortier, Newad’s vice-president communications and corporate relations.

The Scala Ad Manager and Scala 5 software solution has been integrated with both traditional and digital media to manage and schedule ads, provide billing and leasing capabilities, and deliver a proof-of-performance report at the end of the day. Newad had previously handled the management internally but, with such major growth scheduled, the company was known to have been been looking for a specialist to take it on for quite some time.

Newad’s new generation of digital boards boasts a 22″ high-resolution LCD screen with full stereo sound, and broadcasts 15- to 60-second audio/video loops almost instantaneously. Loops are interspaced with exclusive content clips designed for the target market’s lifestyle and interests (music, video, fashion and events, for example). The boards can be programmed with RSS feeds or HTML to integrate new information or update campaigns.

“Newad took the time to source the best competitive solution for them: Scala,” says Andy McRae, general manager, Scala Canada. “We are proud to have met Newad’s requirements and to be working together to deliver a truly unique and powerful enterprise solution to grow its business.”

Philippe Marchessault, executive vice-president of operations, development and innovation for Newad, says, “The launch of Newad’s new digital boards, made possible by Scala’s technology, is a significant step in the continuous growth of our company. Newad offers advertising agencies and their clients a flexible ad platform that is perfectly adapted to their needs.”

Known for is premium reputation and trendsetting clientele, Newad continues to develop creative solutions that aid advertisers in reaching a coveted target market notorious for its evasion of traditional media.

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