Augmented Reality Explained

Geny Caloisi

A new study into augmented reality (AR) shows that 62% of B2B and B2C marketers are considering using the technology, but the majority are still unsure about exactly how to use it or what its benefits are.

Augmented reality is a term for a camera enhanced view of a physical real-world environment, where virtual elements are merged with the real-life scene creating a ‘mixed reality’ of virtual elements and the real world. An example we talked about recently is the Fallen Angels from Linx.

The research by augmented reality specialist Hidden Creative was commissioned to coincide with the launch of ‘Augmented reality marketing strategies: the how to guide for marketers’ which looks at the commercial uses of the technology.

The latest statistics which are detailed in the toolkit show that the top uses for augmented reality in marketing are:

  • 19% use AR as replacement for standard print literature
  • 18% use AR as an addition tool to win pitches
  • 16% use AR at events and conferences to draw attention
  • 16% use AR to bring online campaigns to life
  • 8% use AR to enhance point of sale material

Matt Trubow, chief executive of Hidden says, “People think that augmented reality is only useful for the initial wow factor but in fact there are real commercial uses to the technology that deliver results to the bottom line and alters the ways end users interact with a company, service or product.

“Marketers can use the technology to create an immersive brand experience by physically putting a product in the hands of customers and demonstrate how it works.

“The practical uses of AR ranges from large screen or LCD displays at events and conferences, helping to visually display an idea, to enhancing an end users experience online with rich and varied content.”

The latest company to benefit from the use of AR in a marketing campaign is engineering giant ABB where Hidden delivered a total of four augmentations at two custom built augmented reality kiosks for the company.

ABB saw the average dwell time of attendee at trade show event stands increase to 15 minutes, which afforded the company with increased networking time. The campaign delivered a 250% rise in business leads. The website saw a peak increase of 451%in weekly hits.

Trubow added: “Our guide, ‘The complete augmented reality toolkit for marketers’ details ways in which professionals can apply AR technology to enrich collateral, events and digital marketing as well as how companies can prepare for the future with the latest information on the developments in augmented reality.”


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