David Da Costa Leaves RAM Vision

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

If there is one person in the UK who is as passionate about DOOH as we are it is David Da Costa. He’s a nice guy too so news that came in earlier this week (and confirmed with an exclusive interview yesterday) that he has resigned from RAM Vision Ltd. came as something of a shock.

(LON:RAM) RAM Investment Group share price

RAM Vision is of course a wholly owned subsidary of AIM listed RAM Invest Group PLC (RIG) which has seen a dramatic fall in its share price of late.

David told us “In light of recent media speculation and commentary on the status of RAM Investment Group (RAM) and Ram Vision (RV) I can confirm that I have formally advised RAM Vision Ltd. of my immediate resignation as Managing Director”

If RAM’s share price dropped before it will surely fall even further on this news.

We understand that David was not of the same opinion as the RAM board on several issues and felt it best that he departs with immediate effect.

No doubt David, loved by many, will be wishing his (old) colleagues well. David added “I must thank them for their support and dedication to their craft”.

David we understand is currently reviewing an exciting number of opportunities in the advertising, technology and media sectors. He hopes to use his many years of experience as one of the early believers and pioneers in the DOOH sector in developing exciting new projects with a strong and credible platform for exciting and sustainable growth for innovative digital network delivery in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

We wish him well.

3 Responses to “David Da Costa Leaves RAM Vision”

  1. Bill Board Says:

    Interested to hear Mr Cotterrills thoughts on the debate that is currently raging on iii investment board;


    1- the statement that DC is bankrupt – a fact that apparently is in open forum(\mediawiz\)
    2- he has engineered the demise of 2 failed doo companies (\mediawiz\)
    3- he is not actually a director of RIG and thus not even worthy of an rns(\steady eddy\)

    Every man is entitled to respond and defend himself so perhaps DC could take the time (now that he will have a lot of that particular commodity) to respond to the above.

    Or maybe this comment will be ignored/deleted in line with Daily D’s editorial policy.

  2. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    Our editorial policy is to publish comments when they are not potentially libelous or too outrageous so it’s rare we don’t. Have to say though that we pretty fed up of people hiding under a cloak of anonymity … doesn’t seem fair that David should have to defend himself from folks who remain anonymous.

  3. dooh champion Says:

    From what i hear, key people are leaving Ram Vision in droves, most probably due to the lack of coherent management now da Costa has gone. iii blogging is amusing (no wonder trading on RAM Investment Group virtually stood still on friday)

    Steddie Eddie is a loyalist but obviously being overspun ‘facts’ by the current management. We all know who Mediawiz is, so no change there then! I doubt da Costa will be short of a few offers given his expertise in Dooh and given the right backing and money to deliver, my betting is that he will do far better than the owners and staff who stay in situ at Ram Vision. To coin a phrase, ”another one bites the dust”. I’ll be putting in my order for a mourning suit shortly.

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