Telmar’s Adspace Research Prototype For Agencies

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

New York-based Adspace Networks, owner and operator of the Adspace Digital Mall Network, has created a prototype with Telmar, a leader of advertising and media information services, allowing brands and their ad agencies access to product research and attitudinal data about Adspace mall shoppers.

For the first time, media planners and researchers have access to teen shopping behavior data as well as a wealth of new psychographic information on the Adspace mall shopper.

“This is ground-breaking for Adspace because media planners will be able to measure the impact of our network in combination with other media, particularly broadcast and cable television networks,” says Bill Ketcham, executive vice- president and chief marketing officer, Adspace Networks. “We have always had custom reach and frequency data by DMA that show Adspace is a great complement to television because we deliver lighter TV viewers en masse. This new prototype allows planners to easily measure the impact of substituting Adspace for a portion of a national TV plan in their own planning systems, increasing reach and reducing cost.”

Telmar has built the Adspace Digital Mall Network audience prototype onto the 2010 TwelvePlus MRI Study. The prototype will be based on the net responses to Teen (12-17) and Adult (18+) behavior of Shopping Center/Mall Visits in the last 30 days.

The prototype allows agencies to cross-tabulate Adspace’s total audience with all MRI measured media, demographics, products/brands, lifestyle and attitudinal questions. Additionally, agencies will have access to adult mall visitor behavior in general and by specific mall in each of the top 10 markets (via the Top 10 Local Market Report), and teen shopping mall visitor behavior (via 2010 TwelvePlus and 2010 Teenmark Studies).

“Because the MRI Study is based on a national representative sample, it provides direct comparisons (indices) of all measured media on demographics, product usage and psychographic information,” says Ketcham. “This will let planners compare Adspace to other media based on relative effectiveness against a target.”

The prototype is currently up and running and can be accessed through Telmar’s website. Adspace can be located under ‘Media: Malls Usage’ in the TwelvePlus Study and under ‘Media: Ten Market Malls’ in the Doublebase Study.

Adspace Networks, Inc. owns and operates the Adspace Digital Mall Network, the largest in-mall digital network in the country. Currently located throughout 131 Class A malls across the U.S., the network consists of 1,723, eight and nine-foot-tall plasma ‘Smart Screens’ whose displays show programming which combines a mix of the ‘top 10’ sale items in the mall, the hottest seasonal items available, mall events, and local and national advertising. The network, a member of the Digital Place-bsed Advertising Association, reaches 119 million affluent consumers (source: Scarborough) each month, and is particularly effective at reaching teens, young adults, and women.

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