De-Coding ROI And Consumer Behaviors

JP Biamby

In a panel, entitled Talking TV Upfront: Strong Markets, New Digital Video Competitors and Opinions, at Media Magazine’s 2011 Outfront Conference, a panelist of digital media buyers and planners discussed how TV advertising is increasing and works great in collaboration with digital out of home, online, mobile and social media.

Discussions on the need for a better ROI system that would provide better metrics to analyze the value of consumer behavior, were quickly met with questions of what new data and research would quantify or qualify these new methods.

It’s obvious there needs to be an enhanced measurement system that integrates analytical data from all forms of advertising media for a better representation of a clients ROI.

Additionally, media analysts need to be able to access a wide array of metrics in real time to view and decode consumer behavior through all digital, social and web touch points.

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