Signagelive Spring 2011 Collection

Geny Caloisi

Following customers’ feedback, signagelive is adding new features to its signagelive platform from today (Thursday 14th April. The web-based administration tools platform, which can be managed over IP either from a Mac; PC; Linux or Android device, will now have full Cross Browser and Platform Support.

Signagelive has also been updated to support multiple languages, but the biggest enhancement to signagelive in the Spring 2011 release is the upgrade of its Layout Creator to a fully functional Layout Designer, which brings the power of photo editing software like Photoshop™ to digital signage. It also includes a QR code widget and asset validity support in Media RSS feeds.

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  1. Jason Cremins Says:

    Thanks for the coverage on our Spring 11 release, for those interested a full rundown on the new features can be found here

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