#MPDOOH Scratch DOOH, Make That IOOH

JP Biamby

I was excited, no make that interested to see a post over at MediaPost entitled Okay, Scratch DOOH, Make that IOOH. The ‘I’ is for Interactive.

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  1. Experiential Advertising » Archive » DOOH Propels Heineken Ads Says:

    […] has integrated a recent TV campaign in Japan with an very innovative digital out of home campaign that comes complete with built in interactivity for consumers courtesy of an engaging […]

  2. Experiential Advertising » Archive » Race A Hyundai In Time Square Says:

    […] the results are posted. This is great example of how Digital-Out-Of-Home(DOOH), when executed as Interactive-Out-Of Home(IOOH) can stop people in their tracks and command their attention. The activation clearly demonstrates […]

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