LITL Acquire Can Media Group

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

LiveIT & Learn, a Cheshire based Sustainable IT company, this week announced its acquisition of the Can Media Group of companies which include The Life Channel, CCN (Europe), The Philip Louise Group and Life Channel Communications.

The acquisition we are told enables the extended group to expand their reach into the UK Education and Community markets, with the acquisition enabling a further expansion of the services already on offer from TLC particularly in the Education and Criminal Justice sectors.

LiveIT & Learn are probably best known for the provision of fully sustainable IT into the UK education Market.

It’s worth noting that shareholders of LITL also own a number of IT supply companies and equipment leasing companies across the UK with their head offices in Cheshire.

Last year Can Media clearly suffered greatly as a result of the cut back in public sector spending, as such some form of reorganization was required. Due to its position as market leader in public sector advertising (without any doubt revenues for Can Media from this sector outstripped the closest competitor by a country mile), Can Media suffered more than most as a result of the massive reduction in public sector media spend with circa four million pounds stripped from its bottom line.

Having made the decision to restructure the company a purchaser was sought. Of course due to the activities of the previous years there are not a great number of companies in Europe that could pick up such a large baton and as such the Can Media advisors sought to look outside the box for new blood to drive what had been a unique business forward.

Live IT & Learn are a perfect match not least by virtue of their interest in expanding the education and healthcare aspects of the business.

LITL are very well funded and we understand have a very clear vision to expand the business in line with the strategy of the previous owners.

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