Expert Sweden 200 Stores

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Scandinavia is fast becoming the hot bed of digital out of home / digital signage – we have seen half a dozen announcements in just a few months now, and of course most prominently Neo Advertising’s acquisition of Q-Vision.

Here we see Frontcast Media Europe and Teracom delivering a Digital Signage solution to Expert Sweden – an electronic chain store retailer with 200 stores.

Their own in house channel running on 7,500 on-display TVs allows them to customise content, take advantage of their footfall, sell media (a number of their suppliers have of course expressed an interest in advertising on the channel) but funnily enough by not tuning the on-display TVs into regular TV stations they don’t get their competitors’ commercials running in their own stores!!

Rickard Bjursaker, Marketing Director at Expert told us “the battle for the customer is in-store. Therefore we see the in-store environment as an extremely important part of our customer
communication, not to forget that 70% of the decisions are made in-store”

This is very similar to the ‘EnQii Hi-Def Media Walls At Fred Meyer‘ that we wrote about in early September.

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