Content Day at Runners Up Stadium

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

These ‘unconferences’ are definitely getting better! While the first that I attended in Paris was remarkable by the openness of the various presentations, this one was striking by the frankness and liveliness of the exchanges. The objective of these meetings is to discuss successful & unsuccessful content with the aim of establishing some standards of best practices to improve the quality of effectiveness of content on digital screens which ultimately dictates the financial health of our industry – much more than the latest technology does. The medium is not the message.

Come on Chelsea!

Creatives from the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and, yes, Brazil, commented on each other’s work, exchanging tips about font size, the number of characters per screen, average view time in different situations, loop time etc…But by far the biggest surprise of the event was Waltely Longo from Subway Link in Brazil who shared his 10 Golden Rules that he teaches his own creative staff and his lateral-thinking approach to categorizing situations as ‘point of sale’, ‘point of wait’, point of traffic’. The importance of this being that the same location may have different zones in which these different situations apply and therefore requires a different creative approach.

He also reminded us that the same person can have different needs on the time and situation, even though, demographically, he is the same. He insisted on the concept of relevance, i.e. that the message must be relevant to the customer at the point at which he finds himself.

Talking about what kind of media it is – moving posters or out of home TV, or some hybrid – Thomas Doktor summed it up best by pointing out that everyone had a different vision, depending on his background – whether he comes from print or a TV agency.

Being an ‘unconference’, there was never going to be a conclusion or final statement – apart from that it was a great experience, to be repeated, in September in fact. Whatever the attractions of Munich, it will be interesting to see if the chosen venue can rival with the honour of being in a VIP room reserved for Russian oligarchs at Chelsea’s stadium. I suggested that we would have been better off at Old Trafford, but, being the only Manchester United supporter in the room, I was quickly silenced…

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