Opinions From The Show Floor

Geny Caloisi

I asked some of the companies I met at #ScreenMediaExpo to let me know what their views on the show were and what did they expect from the two days expo.

Maja Trajkovska, Vizrt Sales Coordinator

Maja Trajkovska, Sales Coordinator at Vizrt UK told me “The show is still small and has a lot of scope for growth. The attendance was good, with a lot of relevant attendees both from the UK and even more from Europe. It seems that there is interest in digital signage everywhere in Europe.

She added “It also seemed that a lot of people are exploring different concepts and people were unsure who they needed to talk to for different services connected to digital signage. Overall we are hoping to develop a relationship with some of the companies we met at the show.”

Well, of course, if they want to find information about this industry, they should come to DailyDOOH. For specific issues, I’m sure some of our readers will have the answers, so ask along and please, the people in the know, answer too!

Joe Graziano, Christie MicroTiles‘ business development manager said: “Christie are grateful to all the Partners that included Microtiles on their booths and for the efforts made before and during the show times to present Christie MicroTiles in the best possible light. Time is a precious commodity at these shows and our Partners did a remarkable job of generating a number of very serious enquiries, all of which are now being actively pursued.”

Content producer Amigo Digital were one of the companies that told us they had well over a 100 leads from the show. Alex Hughes told me “six of those were very strong and even if one or two of them come off then I would be very happy and consider the investment in my stand a success”

I’m hoping to get some more comments from the show floor.

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