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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

I believe that we are lucky enough in the industry to have in Intel Corporation, Harris Broadcast and NEC, three large corporates who care about the industry’s growth, education thereof and marketing (they are certainly supporters of ourselves, a whole myriad of industry events, seminars, conferences and big spenders at exhibitions).

(From left to right) Dirk, Adrian, Denise and Jose

RapidTV and DailyDOOH, as regular readers will know, have put together a series of events which we call the Digital Signage Round Table where panelists discuss some of the issues and challenges facing the industry.

At Screenmedia Expo in London last week (May 2011) we recorded the second one of these live in front of a studio audience and I’m pleased to say that the footage is now up and ready for viewing (click here).

A big thanks to our sponsors, to Mark Pigou for helping promote the event, to BroadSign for donating the room and for the studio audience for turning up.

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  1. Ikea Says:

    Its not round or big enough, Rapid TV News Digital Signage Pasting Table better sums it up!

  2. Our digital signage survey results | digitalsignage.NET Says:

    […] reporting tools are more than welcomed. This is somehow convergent with what was discussed at the Digital Signage Roundtable at ScreenMediaExpo, the pannelists concluding that a transparent reporting system is what would […]

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