JCDecaux Launches The i

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Whilst we have seen it being built and tested on our regular trips by car out of London JCDecaux this week officially unveiled the i, a new Première digital site on London’s Cromwell Road.

Cromwell Road, London

Ford is the launch advertiser in a campaign booked through Kinetic and Mindshare.

Measuring 5 metres x 5 metres, the i has an HD screen with 10mm pitch, the same high-quality definition as the recently upgraded M4 Torch.

Lucy Catchpole, Mindshare Account Director said, “The i really embraces new OOH digital technology. The screen quality is amongst the best, and the location is on one of the busiest roads in Europe.”

Spencer Berwin, Managing Director – Sales at JCDecaux said, “This is a fantastic new addition to our digital portfolio and we are delighted to have Ford as our launch advertiser. The i gives one advertiser complete ownership of the site, combining the flexibility of digital and the opportunity for tactical messaging, reaching a premium audience heading to Heathrow.”

Communicating to 1.6 million people* every fortnight travelling to West London and Heathrow Airport, the Cromwell Road i  reaches an audience that is  33% AB and 67% ABC1.

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