#dsj2011 Look But Don’t Touch

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

NEC had a nice long, multi-display, multi-touch interactive media wall (phew!) at #dsj2011 which they called ‘Intelligent signage‘ – perhaps they too got bored calling it a ‘multi-display, multi-touch interactive media wall’.

Ironically, the interactive area was roped off and only ever touched by one hand of the young lady booth assistant..

‘Look but don’t touch’ obviously applied to both the video wall and the lovely booth assistant (and boy was she lovely).

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  1. luis Says:

    Well, that is what tell all my clients: Look at the great software, all the things you could do, imagination is the limit… bla bla bla… as long as dont TOUCH it…!! I´ll do it for you… just stay away… no, seriously, step away from the keyboard, yes, its easy but dont touch… “shuuu Shoo”…

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