Aelia’s ‘Sound’ Brand Identity In Airports

Geny Caloisi

In-store media specialist Mood Media Corporation has won a contract to supply Duty-Free retailer Aelia with bespoke  in-store music to play across its European and Asian retail outlets.

The music will be broadcast across 168 Aelia outlets in 28 airports in the UK, France, Poland, Czech Republic and Hong Kong.

Mood Media worked with Aelia to create a pleasant and relaxing experience for shoppers prior to flying, through the use of a tailored playlist of over 2000 soothing and uplifting songs by international artists.

Particular emphasis has been placed on outlets in the Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly airports in France to complement and enforce its signature ‘Buy Paris Duty Free’ brand.

The aim of Mood Media’s music programme in these airports is to create a typically Parisian ambiance with four key genres to fit with the outlet environment: happiness (a selection of upbeat, modern pop tracks), travel (captivating tracks centred on exploration and foreign lands), comfort (relaxing lounge tracks) and Paris (a glamorous musical vision of the capital city).

Claude Nahon, President of Mood Media Europe, said “Audio solutions help brands speak to their customers. We are thrilled to have been able to work with Aelia to develop a ‘musical identity’ which is recognisable across its global retail network.

“By entering into a highly emotive and sensorial environment where the music is designed to complement the look and feel of the retail outlet, its customers are provided with a heightened shopping experience.”


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