DisplaySearch 4th DS Conference Keynote

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Doug Albregts, vice-president sales and marketing, Samsung Enterprise Business Division, got DisplaySearch’s 4th Digital Signage Conference off to a great start, telling the – unfortunately, sparse – audience, “As stakeholders in the industry, we haven’t done a good job in terms of coming together to really do a big rollout.

Doug Albregts, Samsung; Chris Connery, Display Search

“We need a collaborative effort by the industry on a massive scale, rather than just one-offs, to get digital signage industry to the tipping point.”

Albregts said that he understands that this will cost money, and said that Samsung is willing to put funding towards this for the first year.

“Once this is done, for example by a large QSR chain, I firmly believe that others will follow and that will get us to the tipping point,” he says.

Albregts mentioned other things that are helping the industry grow, including the cloud, which will allow people to pull templates and be able to gain simplified content.

We counted 43 attendees in a room setup for about 150 which was a shame. The event deserved better but maybe it needed a big ‘draw’ in terms of a speaker; morning presentations only from the likes of Samsung, LG, NEC, Panasonic and Chief – NEC presentation was easily the best of the morning’s session, Ed was maybe not the best lineup to draw a big paying crowd.

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