#InfoComm LGE’s ‘P Series’ Monitors

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Launching Thursday are LG Electronics‘ 19” screens designed for large computing monitor installations.

As the press release notes, ‘LG’s P Series Network Monitor uses zero client virtual computing technology to connect a server host and simultaneously redistribute its capabilities to multiple users through Internet Protocol. As a result, this solution enables IT directors to deliver mass computing capabilities to budget conscientious environments.’

In other words, this takes the computer out of the equation. Whereas the company’s End Plus last year would allow, say, 30 monitors with one computer, this new product allows an unlimited number of monitors, limited only by the size of the available bandwidth, without the need of a computer at all.

“This the next step,” says Ted Maass, account executive at LG One.

The P series allows advanced computing with greater security while reducing system-building and maintenance costs. The company envision it for use in, eg., schools and offices.

The company is also showing its video walls, 47” with 6.5 mm bezels, initially shown in New York in February and available for distribution in August, as well as its EzSign TV (See earlier article.).

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