RAM Vision In Deal With City Gateway

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The guys at City Gateway Media have always been good at selling media so we don’t quite get why they would hand over media sales to RAM Vision for their (City Gateway Media’s) iconic LED screen in Manchester.

Manchester Tower (and double decker bus)

An announcement yesterday said “Ram Vision has won the contract to partner with City Gateway Media managing the advertising space on Manchester’s iconic LED screen on the Manchester Tower”

Regular readers will know all about the massive vertical, letterbox shaped 19m high by 3.6m wide screen which overlooks the central Piccadilly area in Manchester (not to be confused with Piccadilly, London). The screen has an estimated audience of 207,231.

Whilst Ram Vision will make the most of this announcement, RAM vision’s Paul Masterson explaining “This win has extended Ram Vision’s geographical reach, taking us firmly into Manchester City Centre. It also furthers the company’s destination portfolio as our first city centre outdoor LED screen.” we think it is a deal that will surely end in tears and acrimony (we actually suspect that there is something else afoot but more on that later).

David Lamey, Managing Director of City Gateway Media was quoted as saying “We selected Ram Vision as our partner on this venture as they have a great track record and reputation for working across regional campaigns and successfully bringing in revenue. Their proactive approach has led them being an ever expanding company with a great portfolio of national and regional clients and we predict a good level of growth with them in the future.”.

The press release stated that the company has already taken its first booking for the Piccadilly screen. Weird.

2 Responses to “RAM Vision In Deal With City Gateway”

  1. Andy Hawkins Says:

    Thanks for the compliment on our selling ability! Just to let everyone know RAM’s contract is for local and regional sales only. We will continue our normal role in the national clients, agencies and specialists with our highly experienced team.


  2. Chris Green Says:

    I might be missing something here (though I suspect not) but could CGM tell me how, by interspursing a ‘national’ loop with local ad messages (in a single, high profile location such as this is) that will increase the revenue performance for this site? Isn’t it a well known fact that placing ‘local’ ads in amongst national only serves to upset the specialists and devalue your asset to the point where they might potential not book it?

    Mainstream national brands with regionally biased messages I get but surely that would be best handled by the sales team at CGM, who I’m guessing should have access to the regional buying contacts via the central buyer teams within the specialists.

    Or are we about to see two ‘challenged’ business join forces in an attempt to vastly speed up their individual desires to grow their businesses and increase the attractiveness of their propositions?

    More inevitable market consolidation?

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