Try that on – Social Retailing(SM)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Social Retailing(SM) and its brethren (similar buzzwords) is getting a lot of press at the moment.

Icon Nicholson in the US got a nice mention in this week’s TIME Magazine page 57, 19th November 2007.

These sorts of initiatives are exacty what Retail needs to do, in order to fight back against the online merchants. I said at the Retail Conference I presented at last week – in many cases, why on earth would you go to the High Street – most of my Christmas; books, DVDs, CDs, my new Nintendo Wii, other electrical games, computer gadgets etc. all comes from Amazon. That has been so for the last few years and unless the retailers start innovating then more and more this will be the way we shop.

Mediazest are doing some great things in Europe at the moment and looking at a number of ways that user generated content can be incorporated into designs and installations – see the HMV Store of the Future work they have been doing for example

The retail industry needs more such initiatives (and innovators) and our digital out of home sector can lead the way.

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