TIME On The TouchPad

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Time Inc. has created TouchPad editions of its titles TIME, FORTUNE, PEOPLE, and SPORTS ILLUSTRATED – some of America’s best known magazine titles – with the Tablet Publishing Solution of WoodWing Software, a leader in the multi-platform tablet-publishing world based in Zaandam, The Netherlands.

WoodWing’s Tablet Publishing Solution is comprised of the cross-media publishing system Enterprise – including the content management application Content Station – and the Digital Magazine Tools. The solution ensures a highly efficient multi-platform tablet-publishing workflow and enables publishers to deliver an optimized user experience on the various tablet devices through the use of native Reader Apps.

“We use WoodWing’s solutions to produce both the print and the tablet editions of our brands,”
says Mitch Klaif, CIO, Time Inc. “This enables us to integrate our tablet publishing activities smoothly into our existing workflows and to publish to the major tablet platforms such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS and now webOS. For publishers, it is vital to be able to reach all tablet users, regardless of what device they use.”

“Just about a year after the beginning of the tablet age, it seems certain that tablets will prevail as the preferred device for media consumption at home, on the road, everywhere,” says Hans Janssen, WoodWing’s CEO.. “The analysts expect nearly 900 million tablet devices to be sold by 2015, and I am convinced that HP´s TouchPad will contribute to that success.”


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