Delphi Display Systems Acquires Fast Track

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Costa Mesa, California-based Delphi Display Systems Inc., a leading provider of quick service restaurant drive-thru order confirmation display technology, recently acquired the assets of Fire and Safety Electronics Inc. (operating as Phase Research), the supplier of Fast Track 2+2 drive-thru timing systems.

Delphi Display Systems, founded in 1995, is known for developing and manufacturing reliable and rugged outdoor digital signage, including order confirmation systems used by drive-thru restaurants worldwide. Phase Research, established in 1985, has been a dominant provider of drive-thru lane timing systems for much of its history.

With the acquisition of Fast Track, Delphi can now provide a turnkey solution of order confirmation system displays, digital menu boards, and timing systems to make it easy for restaurants to obtain their drive-thru technology needs from a single supplier. With each company having more than 20,000 customer installations around the world, this acquisition is believed to make Delphi the single largest provider of drive-thru technology to the QSR market.

“Delphi is focused on providing our customers with solutions that improve efficiency and profitability in dynamic drive-thru environments,” says Ken Neeld, Delphi’s president and CEO. He says that adding the industry’s most robust timers as part of Delhi’s new product lineup enables the company to provide a comprehensive solution for improving drive-thru operations. “With this acquisition,” he says, “we will leverage the intellectual property of both companies to continue to drive innovation for our customers while providing them a commitment to superior customer care.”

Delphi has been working for several years to integrate Fast Track 2+2 timers into its Insight RPM real-time performance metrics platform. The acquisition enables Delphi to bundle order confirmation and drive-thru timing capability as a standard feature of its Insight RPM product line. The integrated solution offers aggregated drive-thru sales and speed-of-service data, system monitoring, alerting, and robust transaction level reporting – at both the in-store and enterprise level. Restaurant owners and managers should now gain unprecedented visibility in their drive-thru operations needed to improve efficiency and profitability.

All aspects of the business operations to support Fast Track products will be quickly integrated into Delphi’s organization ensuring there is a consistent and non-interrupted supply of products, service and support to its customer base. Additionally, Delphi will immediately begin to leverage the existing international dealer network for Fast Track timers to provide a higher level of service and support to all of its customers.

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