Skoda Show ‘imotion’ Engagement In Prague

Geny Caloisi

Czech Auto manufacturer Skoda is using ‘imotion’ digital signage screens from Infinitus for a promotion campaign at and around Prague City Museum. Skoda has participated in financing the renovation of the museum and this campaign has been designed to promote its Skoda Yeti car line as well as to showcase its social responsibility drive campaign.

Why do Skoda's have heated rear windscreens?

The marketing exercise, created by advertising agency Laegas Delaney, combines traditional and digital out of home resources. There is a large format facade print covering the construction site, as well as imotion 46” portrait outdoor LCD multimedia system with integrated touch screen and IP camera, 2 x 2m LED display and promo campaign web site

The campaign is also linked to social networking, encouraging people to take a picture of themselves smiling using the imotion screen integrated camera. The photo gets uploaded to Skoda’s social network site. If the person gives his/her OK, the image is then displayed on the big LED screen.

imotion 46” portrait single sided unit, branded with Skoda graphical elements, equipped with touch screen and IP camera presents enables target audiences involvement on the spot  and also shares information about Skoda and Museum itself. imotion unit was chosen by Skoda Auto as they demanded high performance, high reliability and high aesthetics solution worthy of the location and the purpose.

We saw the robust imotion screens at the #mwl2011 In Store Exhibition last month in London. They had teamed up with Digital View and Realisation for the show. Infinitus provided the hardware, Digital View the media players and Realisation created the content.

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  1. Damon Crowhurst Says:

    Great to see this win for the Infinitus team. Having watched them develop their product over the past 5 years, i’d have to say well deserved and expect to see more and more of thier units hitting the landscape.

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