@mediasignage Are Arseholes

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Obviously not content in spamming their way through the US web directory, see the post ‘Dumbasses at MediaSignage still hard at work irritating people‘ over on the much respected Sixteen:Nine site, news comes in this week that Eric and Co. at @mediasignage are now ploughing their way through Europe with unwanted emails to web servers…

Eric Cohen [mailto:mssupp@mediasignage.com]
Sent: 20 July 2011 3:25 PM
To: anyoneintheworldwhohasan@email.com
Subject: website enquiry

Name: Eric Cohen
Email: mssupp@mediasignage.com
Interest: I have a general question
Message:Hi, my name is Eric and I work for http://MediaSignage.com

We offer FREE Digital Signage. You get unlimited licenses (screens) for FREE.
You can open a free account here http://mediasignage.com/html/digital_signage_software.html

Let me know if I can help and we do have a Webinar this Thursday:


Eric- MediaSignage.com

The spamming of websites in this way is quite frankly ridiculous. It does you no favours and more importantly it does the industry no good whatsoever either.

You need to put an immediate stop to this practice AND we think you owe the industry an abject apology as well.

Interestingly poor old Dave was told by an anonymous commenter (says it all really) that his original post would ‘damage his brand’ and was further accused of ‘stooping to the level of “juvenile journalism” like the defacto industry rag (aka. The DailyDOOH)’ in having the guts and wherewithal to call mediasignage on this bad practise.

8 Responses to “@mediasignage Are Arseholes”

  1. Bertie Says:

    You tell them Adrian. As welcome as Thrush! Flush them out and mow them down.

  2. Tom Milner Says:

    Love the headline but I don’t think there is any ‘acting’ going on here!

  3. Howard Smith Says:

    They hit our web form every 4 weeks or so with this drivel

    Funny they haven’t appeared on our pipeline yet, or even had a response.

    Last time I heard they were saying it was a competitor doing this to flame them. I did not know they had any; looking at their website!

  4. Ryan Cahoy Says:

    They have been hitting our website every two weeks for the last couple of months and driving me nuts. I hope they clean up their practices soon.

  5. Jason Cremins Says:

    Same story here, their machine gun marketing is arrogant and ridiculous.

  6. Eric Says:

    Ha, was just talking about this yesterday with a colleague. They sent us something like 20 info requests on our website in the past 2 weeks!

  7. Brian Nutt Says:

    Same here as well. I keep wondering why I would be on their prospect list.

  8. Erik Cohen Says:

    Regarding the headline: Proof once again of the old saying, “You are what you eat”.

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