Ten Mobile Social Trends For 2012 And Beyond

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

There’s not one but FOUR keynotes at Customer Engagement Technology World scheduled for Nov. 9-10 in New York City and the first to be confirmed 360i’s David Berkowitz who will be revealing Ten Mobile Social Trends for 2012 and Beyond.

David Berkowitz

David Berkowitz is the senior director of emerging media & innovation at digital agency 360i

Since two of the biggest shifts in consumer behavior are converging to radically alter buying behavior, you’ll want to hear his views. Customers are relying on friends’ and strangers’ feedback at every stage of the shopping process, while constantly sharing their own opinions and content. Meanwhile, as most mobile users adopt smartphones, it’s easier than ever for customers to make purchase decisions on the go – though that may mean they’re purchasing from your competitors.

Get past the hype and buzzwords and uncover 10 of the most important trends sitting at the intersection of mobile and social media. By the tenth one, you’ll be better prepared to embrace the year ahead and explore the trends that matter most to you.

Lawrence Dvorchik, CETW’s general manager also told us that the New York show will feature a special Out-of-Home Zone where 10 digital networks will be featured, and there will also be a Mobile Solutions Centre where, naturally, the focus will be on mobile.

The CETW, has, by the way, has just relaunched its totally revamped web site, reflecting its interests in self-serve kiosks, digital signage, mobile marketing, social media and the interactivity and integration of these sectors. CETW is focused on leveraging the integration of emerging media across multiple channels to activate customer engagement.

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