Welcome To 21stcenturyav.com

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome indeed as a bit of professional courtesy wouldn’t go amiss – especially from a local UK firm not 12 miles from our UK offices.

21st Century AV‘s so-called Business Development Manager sent us a lovely email this morning…

First use spell check before you send emails! Secondly I did unsubscribe 15 times! Thirdly I detest the type of unreadable emails you spew out daily! Fourthly my Business Development skills are superior to yours as I do not need to bombard my customers with the drivel that you are sending daily.

I am only going to add three things here …

  1. I am seriously slowly losing my eyesight so typos etc in mails and posts are common at the moment (I have a couple more operations scheduled for September). I shouldn’t have to apologise for that but I will.
  2. The ‘drivel’ we send out currently makes up 87% of the vote in the independent survey “who is the most influential”
  3. Never ever pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel

Okay I will add one last thing. Is it perhaps worthwhile being nice to everyone? After all, you never know who you are dealing with (at first) and you never know who might have a million dollar purchase order in their back pocket.

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  1. BizdevMANGLER Says:

    Oh dear Never cross the Zoran .. if you are seriously in a business development role then you should know leads referrals testimonials references can come from anyone and anyrhere … not keeping up to date with the DS industry with daily Dooh is plain stupid whether you like what they say or not and crossing them as you have just done ought to be a dismissable offence

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