#ScreenmediaExpo We Booked Our Stand E23

Andrew Neale

We booked our stand for #ScreenMediaExpo 2012 today and just realised that the event is ONLY nine months away – a bit like a pregnancy then, Ed

As in 2011 we have booked a 6 metre x 5 metre stand and we will once again be sharing (well butted up against) Ayuda Media Systems who also have a 6 x 5 stand next to us.

We are aiming to be a bit more organised this time around though: sharing carpet, power, Internet and such like.

Ayuda will be on D59 and we will be D61 E21 and we will be on E23.

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  1. Izzy Wizzy Says:

    Disappointed in you Andrew you missed the opportunity to express your stand design as an Issy Neale formula, poor show!

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