The Dockter’s VUKUNET Diagnosis

Guest Contributor, Thomas Dockter

NEC’s Competence Day on Thursday in Köln was attended by well over 300 folks. The agenda for the whole day looked good but I attended the afternoon session as I was most interested in VUKUNET – The engine that powers the DOOH Industry presented by Dirk Hülsermann, Manager DOOH Solutions – VUKUNET/ADVUKU, NEC Display Solutions EMEA.

NEC's Dirk Hülsermann presenting in Köln

In his presentation Dirk Hülsermann made it clear that VUKUNET is an Ad Serving platform that helps to streamline the complete process from booking to proof of play and billing.

Dirk explained that one road block for a broader acceptance of DOOH with European media buyers is the labour intensive way of bringing advertisers and networks together.

Finding the right networks, negotiating the price, delivering the media, collecting and preparing reports and individual billing from different partners – the whole booking procedure needs up to 60% manual labour. Time and effort that media buyers will attempt to avoid. He said that booking on DOOH networks should be as easy as booking an online campaign with an ad serving platform like doubleclick.

NEC developed VUKUNET to fill the gap between CMS systems on one side and networks and aggregators on the other. VUKUNET works with every internet connected screen, projector or bill board. By installing a patented player application NEC makes it possible to playout ads besides any digital signage software on the market. Full control over the screen stays with the network owner. VUKUNET is not meant as a substitute for third party players or CMS.

The motivation for a screen manufacturer to provide a software service to the whole industry is I believe to broaden the acceptance of DOOH media and probably in the long term to sell more screens. There is, mind you, the potential for a huge business here for NEC if they get it correct.

Dirk suggested that NEC partners should show their clients the opportunities that VUKUNET brings for their business. Even a small network could benefit from that.

2 Responses to “The Dockter’s VUKUNET Diagnosis”

  1. Rip Van Winkle Says:

    After spending millions on development, marketing, and selling, not to mention liquoring up the trade press, whete are the case studies? What agencies are booking through VUKUNET, and how much? What networks have installed their non-invasive software? What CMS providers have signed on as partners? Why do NEC display people roll their eyes when Vukunet is mentioned? When is the next open bar?

  2. @DSignageTweeter Says:

    You bring up a great question Rip: When WILL the next open bar be?

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