Are C-nario And YCD Set To Merge?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The software vendors that we speak to tell us that C-nario have all but disappeared from their ‘competitive horizon’. We haven’t seen or heard much from them this year either so doubt that the software vendors are exaggerating.

When we spoke to C-nario’s new CEO Tamir Ginat back in February he was full of promise and unless we have missed something, none of that seems to have materialised.

The latest rumour doing the rounds is that C-nario and YCD Multimedia are in discussions with regard a possible merger.

This doesn’t make much sense to us as a business but we guess that the shareholders of both companies (and boy do they have a LOT of shareholders) are scrambling to salvage what they can from their investments to-date.

As usual you heard it here first.

One Response to “Are C-nario And YCD Set To Merge?”

  1. DoohGuy Says:

    C-nario is still very much in the competitive landscape, especially when it comes to high-end, complex, ultra-hi-res video walls. They clearly have strength there.

    Unfortunately, despite the number of screens, video walls are typically driven by one or handful of players only, so they don’t represent that much real revenue for the software vendor.

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