The DailyDOOH 2009 Tour

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Well it’s not really a tour – as one would guess a ‘tour’ would be non stop, i.e. go from place to place BUT it sounded better than ‘DailyDOOH Event Attendance’ which in affect it really is.

Whilst our kids get excited about Christmas (and yes many adults too, and of course New Year’s Eve), we are getting excited about the next couple of weeks before Xmas that will see us in Toronto, Montreal, Oslo BUT much more important than that is our planning for next year’s show and conference season.

As you know we always like to try and take the pulse of the industry – see who is going where and doing what. Mind you, we have said before that you cannot go too far wrong simply following what Scala do with regard events – they seem to get the right mix of the big global shows, the important vertical events (we are thinking the likes of NRF here) as well as having a well thought out regional / geographical specific coverage as well. It’s certainly rare that you see them missing from a good event and rare also that you see them taking part in what we would regard as ‘turkeys’.

Take a look at their event calendar, see – the graphic at top of post is a screenshot of part of their events calendar.

Four of the big events listed on their event site are strangely enough the four that we will be focusing on in 2009, namely…

  • February 3-5, 2009 Integrated Systems Europe, Amsterdam, NL
  • February 24-26, 2009 Digital Signage Expo, Las Vegas, NV
  • April 7-8, 2009 Screen Media Expo Europe, Olympia, London
  • June 17-19, 2009 InfoComm09, Orlando, FL

We will be having a big presence at each of these and as usual look forward to meeting as many people as we can.

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