Wayne Industries Gives Gotham City GSTV

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Gas Station TV (GSTV) this week announced an exclusive, long-term agreement with Wayne, a GE Energy business and global innovator of fuel dispensers and technologies.

Gas Station TV CEO, David Leider.

Wayne is making a substantial investment with GSTV to deploy their new co-developed media platform, inOvationTV, at gas stations throughout the US.

“Wayne has long been a leader in technology at the pump and has an extremely strong distribution network, making them the best partner to grow our television network to the next level,” said Gas Station TV CEO, David Leider.

“The new stations installed from this relationship will quickly increase our already industry-leading viewership and market penetration to more than 70 million monthly at-the-pump consumers, placing us at the very top of Nielsen’s weekly television rankings.”

The inOvationTV platform from Wayne and GSTV is available free of charge to qualified stations and is installed either as a retrofit to stations already installed with Wayne’s industry-leading Ovation dispensers, or available to retailers installing new Ovation dispensers from the factory.

Neil Thomas, global president of Wayne told us “Our relationship with GSTV represents another step forward in our global strategy to provide fuel retailers worldwide with leading-edge products and technologies that allow them to provide an enhanced experience to their customers,”

He added “GSTV clearly has emerged as a leading provider of media at the pump in the US. Along with Wayne’s strength as a world-leading supplier of fueling systems, we will be able to serve more fuel retailers in more locations with an exciting new offering.”

In addition to the GSTV programming experience, fuel retailers will receive a number of additional benefits through the program such as an upgraded payment processing experience via Wayne’s iX Technology™ Platform, and retail-driven promotional announcements produced by GSTV.

The fully funded program includes Wayne’s industry-leading media equipment, system installation, six years of maintenance, technical support, and GSTV’s world-class content, programming, retailer marketing, production and programming services and solutions. inOvationTV makes it easy for the retailer to get involved with very little responsibility.

About Wayne, A GE Energy Business

Wayne is a component of GE’s (NYSE: GE) 2011 acquisition of Dresser, Inc. and is a global leader in the design, manufacture and servicing of fueling forecourt solutions where reliability and uptime are critical. Dispenser, payment platforms, control systems and technology from Wayne play an essential role in traditional and alternative fueling sites around the world. Wayne is ISO14001 certified

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  1. Jeremy Gavin Says:

    Brilliant move by GSTV. They do a great job with their content and have built a really solid offering for gas stations and advertisers. This partnership clearly gives them an edge over other gas station networks in terms of future growth.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah, brilliant….too bad they didn’t think of it first….they are about a year behind Outcast’s partnership announcment with Gilbarco Veedr Root, which by the way is leading Retail Fuel Pump Manufacturer by far.

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