The Airport Shopping Experience

Geny Caloisi

Airports are a tempting opportunity for a last minute shopping. Sometimes I think that airlines that delay their flights should cover the costs of the extra shopping I do while waiting!

According to a research carried out by airport media specialist Eye, 52 per cent of people questioned say they have more time to shop and browse at the airport than they do when they are on the high street.

Fragrance buying is at the heart of the experience; 53 per cent would not leave the airport without buying any and 60 per cent are more likely to buy a new brand of fragrance at the airport than anywhere else.

Advertisers benefit from flyers’ open mindset with 70 per cent not having decided what they are going to purchase. They also like to take time to shop with flyers on average spending 37 minutes shopping/browsing at the airport. Almost a third have also upgraded from their normal beauty and grooming products whilst at the airport, with a staggering 75 per cent continuing to use that upgraded brand upon returning home.

The research also suggests that 72 per cent of people agree the airport is the right place to advertise beauty and grooming products.

I shall be browsing, and maybe shopping, at Terminal 5,  Heathrow tomorrow, taken for a tour by the capable hands of JCDecaux. I got my passport ready, no liquids of more than 100ml in a transparent plastic bag, but no luggage, since I doubt I will be able to escape anywhere exotic. However I’m looking forwards to the visit!

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