VISCOM Paris ? – Non, Merci

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

I had been planning to go to VISCOM in Paris next week, sort of by reflex. After all, they announce “200 exhibiting companies – over 500 brands represented – 12.000 professionals attending” so it must be good.

To prepare my visit, I used the web site search engine to identify the Digital Media Exhibitors – very handy since this is the new official term for what used to be “l’affichage dynamique” or ‘”le digital signage” and is also the trade body’s new name – the Digital Media Association.

But to my great disappointment, out of the 43 responses, there were none of the big integrators and only a sprinkling of LED screen sellers.

It seems that once again the organisers have stretched the definition of “digital” to include digital printing and any process that uses digital technology. What did Bill Clinton say again?  “I did not have sex with that woman”

So I probably won’t take the train out of Paris again to the vast exhibition space on the way out to Charles de Gaulle Airport – I’d rather sit in a café sipping coffee and watch the world go by – as everyone thinks that is what I do anyway…

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