AAAA’s Nancy Hill At Digital Media Summit

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

You’d think with only a little more than two weeks to go, that Nancy Hill, president and CEO of the American Association of Advertising Agencies, as opening speaker of the prestigious Digital Place-Based Advertising Association’s Digital Media Summit, would have her topic pretty well down pat, but we’re told by her handlers that her topic and comments are still being finalized.

Our bet is that Hill has a pretty good idea of what she wants to say but is being massaged by her communications/public relations people (who don’t want to let the press near her). Let’s hope that she lets go with her own ideas, says what she thinks and has a meaty message for the 400 attendants expected at the Oct. 19 event, being held at New York’s Mariott Marquis. (We’ve had a hint that collaboration and coordination may well be among her topics.)

Last year’s Digital Media Summit attracted approximately 300, and the DPAA is hoping that this year’s attendance will reach approximately 400, with more agency people making up much of the increased attendance. Susan Danaher, DPAA president, tells us that this year’s agenda includes more panels and will likely have more case studies than the 2010 event.

And for the first time, the following day, Oct. 20, will be devoted to an ‘International Day’, when members of ABDOH (Brazil), DPAA Australia, and OVAB Europe will meet with DPAA to discuss common issues.

To attend the Digital Media Summit, register here.

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