Lyle Bunn Conversation Starter

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Whether or not you agree with everything Lyle Bunn says, he sometimes pulls in a good crowd, and we have no doubt that this will be the case when he concludes Day One of the Strategy Institute’s Investor Conference.

Lyle Bunn Esq

The inimitable Bunn, who bills himself as a Strategy Architect at BUNN Co., says that he’ll be discussing the factors driving the industry, as well as such topics as ‘transmedia’ – the practice of reusing content across various media forms to drive engagement and action.

He also plans to table five concerns that he feels must be addressed by the industry. These include: the burden of contact with the advertising buyers; content costs; the ‘newbies’ getting into the business, continuing to make mistakes and thereby eroding the medium; that data related to proof-of-value of the medium is generally not available; and the lack of benchmarking of network performance.

Since Bunn is speaking just before the end-of-day reception, we expect some of his comments may well result in cocktail conversation. Attend and see if you agree with his ideas.

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