Digital Media Summit Twitter Wall

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

We were glad to learn that the Digital Place-based Advertising Association will have a Twitter screen in the room at its Digital Media Summit in New York Oct. 19, thanks to the Wall Street Journal Office Network, New York – that’s great but is only really useful to non-US roaming tariff attendees if there is wi-fi in the room which we believe there isn’t, Ed

The WSJON has agreed to be the Social Media Sponsor at the event. We can thank Jim Harris, CEO, and his team for that.

We’ve also learned that the Oct. 20 International Day on the day following the Digital Media Summit won’t be as big an event as expected, but simply a closed-door committee meeting between nine representatives from DPAA US, DPAA Australia and Brazil’s ABDOH – plus, we presume, Susan Danaher, DPAA president in the U.S..

The group is expected to discuss common issues during a three-hour afternoon meeting.

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