Your M&S Your NCR

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

NCR seem to be winning a lot of retail digital signage accounts in the UK at the moment (all on the back of their kiosk operations it would seem).

Fresh from rolling out in UK department store Debenhams we hear rumours that Marks & Spencer is piloting digital signage and interactive kiosks in their Edgware Road store in London.

Two people have told us it went live a little more than a week ago BUT alas no one has been clever enough to send us some pictures yet.

Our Paris correspondent also tells us that digital signage from NCR is strongly rumoured for the new M&S store in Paris as well.

Further afield in NYC’s JFK airport the US retailer Kohl’s kiosk spotted by Dave Haynes (shown on his site here) is also running NCR Netkey software we believe. Dave says “the digital kiosks allow shoppers to order Kohl’s products online and have them shipped home with free delivery. The airport, in return, gets 11% of the gross sales made through the kiosks.”

Someone seems to be doing rather well in retail at the moment don’t they?

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