Preset -> Rise Vision -> Cohen’s Angels

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Saddle Ranch Digital Wednesday announced that Paul Flanigan has joined the team as their VP of Content Strategy.

Flanigan’s past experience includes a five year stint managing Best Buy’s billion-dollar in-store network for their retail chain, a short stint as a consultant at the Preset Group, an even shorter stint at Rise Vision (he only joined in May 2011) and is now in probably what is / should be, his natural home. Paul is a natural when it comes to understanding retail engagement.

Paul told us “This is a dream opportunity for me to exercise what I have spent over a decade learning. I absolutely enjoy helping people to understand the value of engaging and compelling digital signage.”

Kim Sarubbi, President/CEO of Saddle Ranch Digital added “Paul brings years of experience and expertise in every aspect of digital media. He understands what is important and how to deploy a successful digital signage network. I am thrilled he is now a member of the Saddle Ranch team.”

No news yet as to whether Paul has to or is inclined to wear a skirt to the office.

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