Honeywell Aerospace Digital Mannequins At NBAA

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

San Jose, California-based Prysm’s Digital Mannequin displays were selected to enhance the Honeywell Aerospace booth experience during the 2011 National Business Aviation Association annual meeting and conference in Las Vegas, last month.

Powered by Prysm’s Laser Phosphor Display technology, five Digital Mannequins, each standing 7’ tall, brought Honeywell Aerospace’s customers and technology to life with brilliant, high-definition video displays during the business aviation industry’s largest tradeshow.

Rrysm partnered with Honeywell Aerospace and its agency, The Brand Experience, for the project.

“This is a true testament to the quality and capabilities of Prysm’s display solution,” says Amit Jain, Prysm’s co-founder and CEO.

During the show, Prysm’s Digital Mannequins were used as valuable sales tools bringing various Honeywell Aerospace products to life with s combination of imagery and product videos. Each Digital Mannequin was used as a stand-alone presentation tool. Designed with a custom touchpad interface controlled by the sales reps, the display on any tower could be easily changed to exhibit one of 16 Honeywell Aerospace product presentations. As the sales reps met with attendees and told the story of the various Honeywell Aerospace products, the Digital Mannequins helped illustrate the product stories with short video presentations that include stats, pictures and design details.

“Using five of Prysm’s Digital Mannequins, we were able to create an immersive video experience where the audience actually felt like they are standing on the runway,” says Dale Tesmond, CEO of The Brand Experience, who provided both creative direction and executive production for the experience. “Working with teams from Prysm, 3Stage Design for the technology setup and design, and Sandlot Pictures for the display content, we’ve created an un-paralleled display that the Honeywell team is thrilled with.”

Additionally, the Digital Mannequins attracted and engaged audiences to the Honeywell Aerospace booth. At various times during the conference, all five displays were synced together and streamed short videos depicting the everyday life of Honeywell Aerospace customers: from business jet pilots, to maintenance teams and FAA controllers.

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