ComQi And Shazam: A Revolution in Digital Signage?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

This may have meant to be kept quiet until CETW opens later today but as it’s up on ComQi’s new YouTube channel it’s probably fair game…

Looks like that in partnership with Shazam, ComQi is launching a product for Digital Signage. The idea is that if you put the Shazam logo on any digital advert that has audio, people can tag it with their Shazam app.

The casual user can then get special offers, coupons and further information on the product.

What we like about it the easy interaction (sign up, vote, buy) and easy share (it’s in many ways similar to ‘Like’ on Facebook).

Whether Ad networks can raise CPM’s significantly with their advertisers because of this is yet to be seen but no doubt many a sponsor or advertiser will like the direct engagement with the consumer that it offers.

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