Stretched Thin (But Hashtag Heaven) …

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It’s nice to know that we are not the only ones stretched thin (with not enough bodies to cover all the events that are going on around the globe at the moment).

In London we have #IPAOMC, a one day conference organised by IPA Outdoor and the OMC Digital Outdoor Media Group, in Moscow it’s also the second day of #ISRussia, organised by MIDEXPO Exhibition company and Integrated Systems Events (a joint venture company of CEDIA and Infocomm International) and of course #CETW kicks off in New York City as well today!

What’s our point? Well we might be stretched thin but think of poor old ComQi (well okay not ‘old’ and not ‘poor’ and with all of their new hires they can afford to be global) but we notice that they have one President, a certain Ronni Guggenheim in Moscow for #ISRussia, a large booth (stand 417) at #CETW and we just noticed that their CEO, Ajay Chowdhury is in Monaco for #mmf2011 the MONACO MEDIA FORUM 2011.

Ajay is presenting as part of a roundtable ‘Be Here Now: Socially locally mobile’ introduced by Martin Enderle/SVP Digital Products & Innovation, Deutsche Telekom AG and moderated by Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry/Internet Analyst, Business Insider Research.

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