Scala’s Background-Music Solution

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Okay, so just because we have never heard of them, doesn’t mean they are not a global leader but the latest email mail shot we received from Scala contains not one but (wait for it) two GLOBAL LEADERS…

The email states that Scala, The GLOBAL LEADER in connected signage has entered into a partnership with Spamalot StreamAlot, one of the GLOBAL LEADERS in background-music solutions.

We’ve heard of Spamalot and Winalot but we have to say that (even though in-store, retail, background music is an area we cover and have a lot of interest in) we’ve never heard of StreamAlot.

StreamAlot is, we are told, the streaming audio platform of in-store entertainment specialist The Music Marketeers. TMM has branches in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Hamburg and Warsaw and that’s hardly global now is it?

Sorry Scala but we are seriously underwhelmed.

3 Responses to “Scala’s Background-Music Solution”

  1. Minced Pigeon Says:

    I note they are actually ‘one of the GLOBAL LEADERS’ so if you categorise ALL the players as GLOBAL LEADERS its true !

  2. Jason Cremins Says:

    Sounds like another ‘bragalot’ press release. We provided licences for projects in 32 countries last month, but it’s best for others to determine if we or anyone else is to be considered a global leader or any other such grandiose title.

    I was always told when growing up that “self praise, is no praise”.

  3. A Knight of "Ni" Says:

    Scala should know better.

    Talking in terms of “Global leader” without backing up how and why in such a small marketplace is absolute nonsense. What value does it add and who cares. It is without doubt amateur and possibly reckless.

    This is a small and obscure marketplace. You can be a “global leader” in anything you care to think of. Want to be a “global leader” in orange flavoured screen bezels? Go for it. The first one who applies, “wins” (apparently).


    For everyone’s sake will wannabe PR’s in this industry STOP DOING IT and refocus on what WE can do to add value to customers businesses. If you feel a compulsion to do so, hire a professional PR who will tell you the same thing.

    “What can you do for me” is the only thing that matters. Why doesn’t this industry get that?

    Now, where is that shubbery?

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