Foot Locker in Milan Gets A Dynamic Shop Window

Geny Caloisi

Athletic footwear giant Foot Locker, has installed a Martin Professional LED display in the main front window of its flagship store in Milan.

Located in the fashionable Corso Vittorio Emanuele shopping district in the heart of Milan, the store opened in June showcasing a dynamic front window LED display made up of thirty-nine Martin Professional EC-20™ LED panels.

Lead designers for the Foot Locker brand across Europe is design and consultancy company rpa:group. James Breaks, associate director of rpa:vision, rpa:group’s design division, comments, “I was at Euroshop earlier in the year together with the client who saw the EC-20 panels at the Martin stand. Foot Locker wanted the potential to create something startling and bold. They were looking to stand out and make a massive impression. The EC-20 display was just what they were looking for.”

Typically, despite the Corso Vittorio Emanuele’s reputation as the most popular shopping street in one of the fashion capitals of Europe, the store sits back off the ‘via,’  under the shadow of the historic architecture. This increased the need for a high level of impact in order to stand out.

“We wanted to use performance technology from concerts – power and light – in a retail setting to create interest and appeal to the energy of youth, and it works well,” Breaks says referring to LED panels’ more typical use in concert and event environments. At 4,000 nits of brightness, outstanding image quality, and the ability to transmit any type of digital graphic, the EC-20 is increasingly being used to integrate dynamic light and video in interior store design.

The EC-20 LED screen in the main storefront window primarily runs Foot Locker content but also incorporates branding graphics and content from some of its top footwear brands.

“There is a lot of media content supplied to Foot Locker by brands such as Nike and Adidas, and they need somewhere to project it. The LED screen can be used as an effective white board for these companies to come up with and display content,” Breaks concludes.

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  1. Jorgen Enevoldsen Says:

    This installation is driven by Scala. Player hardware and software, plus content is supplied by the Danish Scala Partner, Signio.

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