Scalable Teams Up With GEO Semiconductor

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Scalable Display Technologies, a provider of auto-calibration software for seamless multiple-projector displays and GEO Semiconductor, a provider of programmable, high performance, video and geometry processing IC solutions for both 2D and 3D applications, announced this week a strategic license agreement.

Under the terms of the agreement, GEO grants Scalable a world-wide, development license to use the GEO Application Programming Interface libraries and Conversion Software. The agreement is designed to ensure that Scalable’s software products will run seamlessly on projectors and other devices that leverage the powerful GEO integrated circuit chips.

Personally we don’t think that GEO Semiconductor’s scalar chip is really as special as they like to think it is AND Scalable provides warping and blending solutions for simulation or projection mapping BUT then so do many other people (Scalable also claim that they have some strong auto-calibration IP but again we are not so sure).

Rajeev Surati, President of Scalable Display is quoted as saying “Scalable has maintained a long standing relationship with GEO Semiconductor, and we are pleased to now formalize this agreement. Many of our mutual customers are heavily invested in GEO’s leading edge chips, and this agreement gives us early access to the latest developments from GEO.”

Paul Russo, CEO of GEO said “Scalable is recognized world-wide as the industry leader for auto-calibration of multi-projector displays. It is a natural extension of our strategy to partner with a leader like Scalable”.

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