RMG Measures In Real Time With Bulzi

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

RMG Networks, San Francisco, and Bulzī Media, Newport Beach, California, have partnered to deliver real-time micro-audience measurement capabilities to RMG’s Digital Place-Based Media networks, consisting of more than 130,000 digital screens.

The new capability allows RMG to accurately measure and report audience in any Designated Market Area or local geographic region on its networks.

Over the last several months, RMG has participated in Bulzī’s field trial program of LOCALīz, a new audience measurement technology which leverages billions of daily anonymized mobile phone location records appended with demographics to measure audience on an individual screen micro scale level . (See DailyDOOH’s article of Nov. 9/11.)

Bulzī management says that it is the first company in the world to establish partnerships with top mobile carriers and application providers to generate this data at the necessary scale. The two companies are now preparing for a national rollout of the revolutionary addressable advertising audience measurement program across RMG’s networks.

“This exciting new technology allows us to deliver highly localized audience reports in addition to RMG’s robust national research,” says David Bruce, executive vice-president, media products and partnerships, RMG Networks. “Many advertisers would like to run campaigns targeted regionally or by DMA, which we can do already – but partnering with Bulzī provides visibility into even more detailed audience metrics.”

On RMG’s involvement in the launch of Bulzi’s LOCALīz technology, Brent McKay, Bulzī Media CEO, says, “We believe that this capability supports a growing trend in localization and will significantly enhance the value of out-of-home media.”

RMG controls 130,000 screens, delivering 58 million desirable and elusive monthly viewers across six OOH TV & Video networks: In-Flight Entertainment, Fitness Entertainment, Point-of-Care, NYTimes.com Today, Taxi Entertainment and Executive Media Networks.

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